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Hello Everyone!

Today, I am going to review the Monster, Inc. video game.

The Monster, Inc. video game comes in a PC (Personal Computer) version, a Play Station 2 version, and a Game Boy version.

I was surprised to see that this game is just like the movie! You play as Sulley, the big blue monster who is searching for the lost Boo and you have to get her to safety. You can explore 20 different levels in search of door pieces scattered about which help you find Boo. When Sulley is faced against an evil monster, he can use his loud, powerful roar or his effective Laugh Launcher. After beating certain levels and accomplishing special tasks you can play in bonus mini-games and fun puzzles.

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Monster, Inc. movie poster

Monsters, Inc. follows the story of Mike and Sully, two monsters who have unwittingly allowed a human child called Boo into Monstropolis. As the big, blue-furred Sully, it’s up to you, with a little help from your one-eyed sidekick, Mike, to get Boo home.

Though it doesn’t take very long to complete, it accurately captures the fun and feel of the movie that fans of all ages are sure to enjoy.The game play consists of standard action/adventure fare. Sulley is to find a number of particular items scattered across different areas, including pieces of Boo’s door, laugh canisters, Boo’s teddy bear, etc. There is nothing really difficult here, as it isn’t a chore to play as it controls extremely well and the levels are laid out very well.

The graphics and animation are top-notch, as Sulley and just about every other character in the game are animated very clearly and smoothly.

DJ’s Review

If you enjoyed the movie, there is an excellent chance you will enjoy this game – especially younger kids like me. Actually, I have it on my Game Boy. I play it before I take my afternoon nap. I give Monster, Inc. video games  a three binkee award.  picture of a 3 golden binkee award from DJ's World


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